Red Top Cab driver Jerome Green Named Taxi Driver of the Year by TLPA

Congratulations to Jerome Green, a Red Top Cab driver since 1987, who will be named Taxi Driver of the Year at the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association’s 94th Annual Convention and Trade Show later this month.

“We are enormously proud of Jerome Green’s accomplishment,” said Red Top Cab founder and president Neal Nichols, “The TLPA membership includes over 80,000 taxi drivers and more than 1000 carriers. Being selected as Taxi Driver of the Year is quite a testimony to his character, his commitment to excellence, and his contributions to our community.”

Several Arlington residents sent letters in support of Jerome’s recognition as Driver of the Year. Mr. Green, a native Arlingtonian, has received numerous community service awards including Gold Star Awards, an Arlington Community Hero Award, and recognition by the Arlington Retired Teachers Association for his role in a Red Top Cab initiative providing free transportation for children participating in an early morning tutoring program at the Arlington Science Focus School. In addition to providing transportation for this program for several years, he has been recognized for providing the children with encouragement and mentoring.

Mr. Green is also credited with saving the life of an elderly customer who called him regularly for service. When she didn’t call, he went to her home to check on her. Getting no response from knocking on the door, he called for emergency assistance. When they entered the home, the senior was found lying on the floor, where she had been for over 24 hours, unable to get help. Later, when Jerome went to visit her at the hospital, she thanked him and then asked, “what took you so long?”