The taxi benefit you want to use
Corporate Accounts

When your clients, visiting executives, or associates pop in for a visit, and you want to treat them to superb comfort, convenience and ease of transport, Red Top Cab Corporate Account momentarily becomes your best ally. The same goes for establishing regular taxi transportation nearby for your employees, or other parties closely related to your business. Red Top Cab Corporate Account is ideal for large corporations and small and/or locally run businesses, respectfully.

What Are the Benefits of Setting up a Corporate Account with Red Top Cab?

– An easy way to track your expenses relieved of cash transactions and reimbursement records

– Detailed monthly reports of rides taken (i.e., providing trip specifics such as passenger names, times and dates of travel, routes taken, mileage, pick-up and drop-off points, valuable trip statistics, etc.)

– The flexibility to choose who can use the account, when and how often

– Sorting entries on your statement by cost center identifiers

– A professional relationship with an appointed agent who will work with you and your staff

– Building a brand image known for example treatment of its clients, partners, and employees

Maximize the productivity and employee-happiness in your firm by treating the people you work with right: sign up for a Red Top Cab Corporate Account and make use of this remarkably valuable business tool.