Arlington County Taxi Rate Schedule:

$2.75Initial Charge (includes loading and first one-sixth mile)
$0.35Each additional one-sixth mile
$0.35Each 56 seconds of waiting time
Waiting time shall include:

  • Time consumed while the taxi is waiting and available to the passenger beginning five minutes after the time of arrival at the place to which it has been called. No time shall be charged for premature response to a call.

  • Time consumed while the taxi is stopped or slowed for traffic.

  • Time consumed for delays or stopovers at the direction of the passenger.

  • Waiting time shall not include time lost due to inefficiency of the taxi.

$1.00Each additional passenger over 12 years of age
$0.50Each suitcase in excess of TWO, if handled by the driver
$2.00Each footlocker (or similar sized case), if handled by the driver
$2.50Surcharge for each trip ORIGINATING at a Washington National Airport Taxi Stand